11. How can I concentrate if you_____ continually_____ me with silly questions?
答案:[A] have...interrupted
12. Among the four sentences below, Sentence _____ expresses the highest degree of possibility.
答案:[D] It should take a long time to find a solution to the problem.
13. She is a better speaker than _____ in the class.
答案:[A] any boy
14. Nobody heard him sing, _____?
答案:[D] did they
15. I can’t put up with _____.
答案:[B] that friend of yours
16. There has been an increasing number of _____ in primary schools in the past few years.
答案:[D] men teachers
17. This is one of the issues that deserve _____ .
答案:[B] mentioning
18. The audience _____ excited on seeing _____ favorite star glide onto the stage.
答案:[A] were...their
19. _____ your advice, I would have made the wrong decision.
答案:[B] Had it not been for
20. The sentence I wish I had been more careful in spending money expresses the speaker’s _____ .
答案:[C] regret
21. The Attorney General ordered a federal autopsy of Brown’s body, seeking to _____ the family and community there would be a thorough investigation into his death.
答案:[C] assure
22. The police department came under strong criticism for both the death of an unarmed man and its handling of the _____.
答案:[D] aftermath
23. The Foreign Secretary tried to _____ doubts about his handling of the crisis.
24. Mutual funds are thus best for investors who don’t want to take the time to study stocks in detail or who _____ the resources to build a portfolio.
答案:[B] lack
25. Chris ran _____ John at a sporting-goods trade show and the two quickly struck _____ an easy rapport.
答案:[A] into...up
26. “I am leaving the country soon,” he told a _____ convened group of reporters.
答案:[C] specially
27. Israel and Hamas had reached a deal on extending the _____ ceasefire by an extra 24 hours until Tuesday at midnight.
答案:[D] temporary
28. _____ to unplugging the alarm clock and trusting your ability to wake on time on your own, you should probably ease yourself into the new arrangement by keeping a very regular schedule for several weeks.
答案:[B] Prior
29. If you are an athlete, strong abdominal muscles help you ensure a strong back and freedom from injury during _____ upper-body movement.
答案:[D] vigorous
30. Finning is a cruel _____ in which the shark’s fins are lopped off, and the live shark is thrown back to sea.
答案:[C] practice